Money, the Economy and your Credit Score!

January 14, 2010

It sort of bewilders me that last year I took the downturn in my business all in stride. In the beginning of 2009 I had a number of clients have to pull back on contracts that had been in the works for the entire year and actually lost 30% of my projected yearly income during the month of January. I didn’t take it personally, for I knew that our nation was dealing with fears about money and their livelihood and how it affected business too. Yet by the time the year was ending and December rolled around it felt like everything was coming to a head for myself financially. I really felt the weight of what 2009 ‘cost me’! Add some staggering unplanned medical bills to the mix and the year ended with me feeling truly overwhelmed.

So, I can tell you I was seriously looking forward to putting 2009 behind me and wanted the fresh start of 2010. It couldn’t come soon enough. Well, 2010 has begun and things are looking up but I do feel the weight of my financial life still lingering heavily. Even through it all, I recently re-checked my credit score, and it has gone from Great to Excellent. Wow!! Thank goodness! At least that’s a bit of good news for all the effort I put into making sure I stayed perfectly on top of my bills, even in slim times!

Do you know where your credit score stands? Do you know if there was anything purchased in your name last year that you DIDN’T buy? I encourage you to view your credit report for FREE, or check on your credit score or even look into Idenity Theft Protection. I can’t stress this enough to those who want to be aware of where they are at. I have had my identity stolen and my credit cards used and it amazed me how quickly they obtained my information and sold my credit card numbers throughout the world. In the first 24 hours, they had sold it to someone in Mexico who had used it to have money wired to them. And I’ve never even owned an X-Box, yet 4 were purchased using my account. It’s a hassle, so now I have an alert system set up to notify me the same day anything unusual takes place with my credit. I love the peace of mind it offers!

It’s really so simple to stay aware and protect a very valuable personal asset. Check these companies out and see what you think of what they have to offer:

I appreciate that now as consumers, we can have access to this vital information about our financial lives without having to pay for some of it! It helps me to see the big picture and to work even harder to make sure that I’m staying on top earning all I can. Since I now have a mortgage on top of a business to run, I want to succeed brilliantly. And it’s important to me to know where my financial life stands!

There are great resources out there and no need to be in the dark about your credit standing.


Let’s talk about Sex, baby! Let’s talk about you and me!

November 15, 2009

So….to start this post in the words of Larry Flynt:

“Relax, it’s just sex!”…

So take a moment, take a deep breath and Read Away!

In the relationships I’ve had in my life I realize that men and women Definitely communicate differently. In my experience as a woman I can overthink what the man in my life ‘may’ be thinking! It’s exhausting. And luckily I am starting to mature in the sense that I no longer obsess over my relationships… I still worry and wonder but I also know that both of those traits are part of my innate nature. I’m just finally learning to let go more, as well.

But I do know that when it comes to Sex, it’s challenging to talk about! Why is that?? Though I don’t know the actual answer, I assume it’s because we all have our own thoughts about what is right, wrong and scary and/or unfamiliar. And we all bring baggage to that area of our lives….At least when Sex is in a monogamous relationship…Vacation sex seems to be devoid of any and all of this drama…I guess that’s the lure!

Well, I had a thought the other day and figured it was worth writing down.

Men have a penis! Yea, yea stick with me! And women have not only a vagina but also a clitoris. A number of men also seem to enjoy when their scrotum is paid attention do during sexual play, but, it’s worth spelling out that women almost Must have attention to BOTH areas in order for satisfaction to come from her sexual experience. And, I’m trying to bring more attention to the Vagina right now actually, not the clit. Not that sexual play in any form isn’t pleasurable, I’m just stating that there is a different become enjoyment and full sexual satisfaction during a sexual session.

Through oral sex, a womans clitoris can gain Great attention and MUCH pleasure, but when foreplay happens and for whatever reason, a man gets so excited he climaxed before intercourse comes into play, one or both partners becomes worn out etc., and maybe the man’s erection doesn’t become or stay hard enough for intercourse, there leaves a longing of desire within the vaginal area of a woman of wanting that direct penile stimulation. I guess it’s the same relative idea to leaving a guy with blue balls.

Face it, there are men who truly enjoy the art and challenge of learning to take the time to make love to a woman, and there are some that are uncomfortable and awkward in those moments and just sort of haphazardly go for it and get it over with. And know that not every session has to be so laborious, but I’ve experienced both types of lovers and slow AND fast sessions with a knowledgeable lover definitely ranks higher on my desired list and makes me want to come back for more.

All I know as a woman is it’s hard to tell your lover that actual intercourse is a desire that I feel is necessary to be fulfilled. And I would imagine that men feel the same, but honestly that would just be my assumption. I’ve known some men that as long as they climax they could care less whether it’s in your vagina, your hand or your mouth. If your female and YOU care about how it happens, you need to state that Outloud and in clear and open terms. I have my likes, dislikes and limits and I’m learning to just let them be known.

Maybe in a sense of old fashioned-ness I really gain pleasure from knowing my lover can climax through actual intercourse with me, though sadly with the use of condoms that doesn’t happen often enough. But this discussion would lead us in a whole other direction.

I’m not bagging on men or any of my past sexual partners or my present one, I’m just sharing something to make you think and maybe give you a bit of insight into the mind of a female sexual being. COMMUNICATION in a relationship is really the goal and the intimacy of that communication can lessen a lot of evils in the long run. Women desire that kind of intimacy just as much as sex and love when a man is open to being open to it!

After you have fooled around some and are taking a breather, try asking, ‘Are you feeling satisfied and what else can I do to help you get there’….. You might be surprised to realize that they are, or that they aren’t and you wouldn’t have known, and may have left them hanging if you hadn’t asked!

None of this work to grow in Sexual Communication is necessary in general, but it’s essential if you’d actually like to enjoy a full and satisfying relationship. I wish that for each of us!

For men I would recommend a book that honestly I haven’t read myself, at least yet, but have had friends rave about it, and actually I did meet and work with the author last year at a Book Expo in Silicon Valley…It’s called ‘The Multi-Orgasmic Man’…. Learning to be a good lover takes Just that: Learning!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and or comments about what I’ve written! Don’t worry, I can take it!!

Great News for Ice Cream Fanatics!!

November 13, 2009

So can I get a WHOOP for all my Sweet Tooth-ers out there!! I am DEFINITELY one of you!!! And growing up I was never a huge fan of ice cream, but for the last few years…CAN’T SEEM TO GET ENOUGH!!! It’s bad!! At least 3-4 nights a week a big old bowl full is in my lap as I watch TV…I’ve known for awhile that this has GOT to change!!! But I didn’t know what to replace that desire with!! Until now!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever tried Yoplait Yogurt? If you like it as much as I do, you MUST try the newer Yoplait Whips!! Technically they are less yogurt (4oz compared to 6oz because they are whipped and frothy with air) but they are pretty satiating and taste Truly GREAT!!

But even better, I recently threw one of those puppies straight into the freezer and later that night..WaaLaa!!!! Truly YUMMY Key Lime Frozen Yogurt. Today I just tried the Strawberry Mist flavor…And I have the Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Mousse and Chocoalte just waiting in my Freezer. And better yet, Safeway OFTEN has them on Sale!!

And take it from a sugar fanatic like myself, I wasn’t sure if that little frozen bundle was going to do the trick for me, but I have to say the sweet taste as a frozen treat was Fully Satisfying for me….

Try it out and leave a comment about what you think. Maybe commit to buying a half dozen and eating only them for one month instead of ice cream!! Maybe we’ll all lose a little weight… ; ))


Your Health is Vital to your well being!

November 13, 2009

Home Remedies for whitening your teeth and Teeth Whitening Products!

November 12, 2009

so I LOVE Red wine..; ) My teeth, not such a fan!

I have a home remedy that will help and also a teeth whitening product that I Highly recommend,  which is Awesome! Try one, try ’em both! Here’s the pros and cons to the home remedy..

Of course it’s relatively Cheap!! ; ) You just get some hydrogen peroxide and some baking soda! The bad news is, it Definitely doesn’t taste so great! ; (

Here’s what you do:

Take some Hydrogen Peroxide and fill the bottle cap with it. Dip your toothbrush into the cap of HP and wet all the brisles. Take the wet toothbrush and dip it into some of the baking soda. The ingredients and carbonation within the HP will work well with the ingredients of the baking soda and it works as a whiteners for your teeth. Try this at least once a day.

But of course I know something that tastes bitter and it rather messy may not be your style!

If so, check these guys out! I Highly recommend them!! Their whitening gel pen works great and isn’t messy! It’s convenient and it has the ingredients that really whiten your teeth quickly!

So get your pearly whites ready to say ‘cheese’ in all your Holiday photos! Enjoy, and whichever ones you try let me know your thoughts!

Making the time to workout!

November 12, 2009

We all know it! Working out is essential to living a healthy life. But it’s important to make sure you workout for your own livelihood as well. My energy level bounces around a lot. I’m sure going non-stop 14 hours a day, having a RAMPANT sweet tooth and not always getting as much sleep as I need are all factors! But I do know that as I’ve made the time this year to put priority on my bedtime and sleeping schedule I’ve also carved out the time to get into Hot Yoga…Or Bikram Yoga! It started last November when I was in this space of feeling Exhausted all the time, truly drained. And I honestly felt as though I couldn’t for the life of me take a deep breath! I felt like a half dead human walking around town killing myself just to keep Up with myself!

For some reason Hot Yoga popped into my head. I’ve never been a Yoga type person, but the thought of the stretching, the major warmth and the breathing seemed to be Exactly what I needed! And it proved to be true! So I found a few local Hot Yoga studios and purchased a Special One Week Student Special card and went 3 times that first week! I’ve been ADDICTED ever since! It’s challenging work, no butts around it. But as I sit here a full November later, it dawns on me that physically, emotionally and mentally I am in a truly much better place then I was last November. And I owe it to de-cluttering my life of the things that left me spinning my wheels, learned to say No to more people and requests and YES to what my goals, dreams, desires and plans are!

I’d love to share my thoughts on the Hot Yoga studios I tried out in the Seattle area…If you’re interested leave me a comment and I’ll share my experience! I Definitely have a Favorite Studio!! ; )

Ideas for avoiding the Stress of the Holidays

November 5, 2009

My biggest piece of advice for Holiday shopping is to truly evaluate what is it you enjoy most about giving gifts to people you care about! Does fighting through crowded and crazy mall parking lots, fighting for a parking spot and dodging the cold weather just to get into an overcrowded ‘sale crazed’ atmosphere really do it for you? When I was younger I enjoyed the liveliness of Black Friday and some of the shopping days between then and the end of the year, but now it just seems like way too much effort to obtain items that may friends and family may or may NOT need or want.

Think about more personal gifts this year. Are you good at taking pictures? Go to your favorite city or country spots and take some beautiful images that you’d love to share! Mount them on packs of blank ‘postcard’ packs and frame them if you’d like as gifts. I’ll bet your loved ones really enjoy the thought you put into it!

Make some sweet homemade ‘coupons’ for some one on one time with your favorite nieces and nephews…. Say an afternoon at the movies with soda and popcorn, a trip to the Aquarium etc…. An afternoon of quality time on the day of their choosing might be just the ticket!

And really consider shopping online for your holiday gifts. Hopefully it will help you stick to your budget and avoid impulse shopping. And you can do it from your home with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Make a date of it and set aside time to peruse some of your favorite online stores and shops. And since you’ll already be online,  Google for online coupons to use at your favorite online spots to use while you shop. You might find a few gems!! Enjoy….

Welcome to my Brand New Blog!! Here’s to Health, Love, Life, Wealth and Happiness…And all that I have to share with you about these things!

November 3, 2009


So this is me! And this Blog stems from my life of living, eating, weight loss and learning! I have lots to share and I look forward to sharing more with you as the days go by….

So what foods do you eat for pure Health benefits? And do you enjoy them too? Me, I tend to like hot tea, and sometimes choose Green Tea over other flavors at least a few days a week because I know there are some nice health benefits. And I do actually like the taste!

Check out this article and know that even just a few options a few days a week that you choose more health benefitting options can only help strenghten your health. But make sure you enjoy the food, or you know it won’t last!